Why do we do this?

We want to make it easier for people to get hold of services and parts for unusual or older vehicles, a searching that otherwise can take up a lot of spare time. Opinions from motor hobbyists guides us to make changes, everyone shall be fairly treated and take part in fighting foul play.

What is this?

Gasoline Garage is a secure and organized webpage for ordinary people who enjoys spending time in the garage, have some fun and meet others like them. People involved in the motor hobby seldom get impressed by fanciness but demands practical information about how to get in contact, how to get to know, build confidence and do business.

Our members shall be able to make a buck, develop the interest and do something for the community without spending time on complicated hassles. Here on the Gasoline Garage webpage you will find:

  • Social forum: Hangout and exchange ideas with other motor interested people
  • Garage sales: Put spare parts up for sale
  • Rent-a-Cruiser: Let people know when you can or are planning to use your cruiser so that others can tag along for the ride
  • Hire-a-Driver: Let people know when you have possibility to be a driver to others

Where is this going

Gasoline Garage is delivered in cooperation with Vintage Services Sweden AB. We will make the service better based on wishes and needs expressed by people in the motor hobby. It is important to us that you contact us when there is something we can do better

Who knows things?

We like feedback who proves that the one with the knowledge knows best and we need to have knowledge on what the interested in the motor community want. Only you are an expert in your area and have experience to share with others.

The Swede is respected in the world for his/her broad knowledge, craftsmanship and a long tradition in the motor community. We want to try and increase the experience exchange and make the Swedish knowledge in the motor community available for the ones that are interested.